Allergic & Non-Allergic Rhinitis


This guidance for the management of patients with allergic and non-allergic rhinitis has been prepared by the Standards of Care Committee (SOCC) of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI). The guideline is based on evidence as well as on expert opinion and is for use by both adult physicians and paediatricians practicing in allergy. The recommendations are evidence graded.

During the development of these guidelines, all BSACI members were included in the consultation process using a web-based system. Their comments and suggestions were carefully considered by the SOCC. Where evidence was lacking, consensus was reached by the experts on the committee. Included in this guideline are clinical classification of rhinitis, aetiology, diagnosis, investigations and management including subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy. There are also special sections for children, co-morbid associations and pregnancy. Finally, we have made recommendations for potential areas of future research.


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G. K. Scadding, S. R. Durham, R. Mirakian, N. S. Jones, S. C. Leech, S. Farooque, D. Ryan, S. M. Walker, A. T. Clark, T. A. Dixon, S. R. A. Jolles, N. Siddique, P. Cullinan, P. H. Howarth and S. M. Nasser

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