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Medical Scholarships

Medical scholarships will not be available for the BSACI Annual Conference 2020 due to the potential financial impact of COVID-19. Our hope is to be able to offer them for the 2021 Conference.

Each year BSACI offer several awards to its members in recognition of the important research undertaken as well as those who have made outstanding contributions to clinical allergy.

Jack Pepys Lectureship

The lectureship honours Jack Pepys, who was a distinguished clinician, by recognising those who have made outstanding contributions to the science of allergy and clinical immunology internationally.  Each year the BSACI Council decides who should deliver this keynote lecture. Click here to view list of Jack Pepys lecturers.

The Harry Morrow Brown Memorial Lectureship on Clinical Aspects of Paediatric Allergy   

The lectureship honours Dr Harry Morrow Brown who pioneered the use of inhaled steroids in the 1970s, leading to the development of beclomethasone (Becotide). The lecturer is chosen by BSACI Council to deliver a lecture on the practical application of scientific research to clinical practice, bridging the gap between laboratory and clinic. Please click here to see a list of awardees.

William Frankland Award

This award is given in recognition of the outstanding contribution which is over and above normal everyday duties that a member has made to clinical allergy. BSACI Membership can nominate the recipient, if more than one recipient is chosen, a  vote is undertaken by the BSACI Council Committee. Click here to view a list of recipients.

Tributes are paid to Dr Alfred William Frankland, the “grandfather” of clinical allergy who has died at the age of 108
Click here to pay tribute

Some world-wide media coverage for Dr Frankland can be viewed here

Travel Fellowship Awards

The BSACI encourages researchers to present their work locally, nationally and internationally. Presenting at conferences offers a great opportunity for young researchers to network with like minded colleagues, get feedback on their work and be inspired by the leaders in their field. Please click here for further information on eligibility and application criteria. Click here to view the list of 2019 recipients.

The Barry Kay Awards

This award recognises Professor Barry Kay’s national and international contributions to the field of allergy and asthma, which have inspired so many young allergists and chest physicians. The award is presented each year at the BSACI Annual Meeting to those whose abstract has been judged to be outstanding.  Please click here to view the published abstracts. Posters can be submitted to the following categories:

  • Basic Science
  • Undergraduate
  • Paediatric Clinical
  • Adult Clinical
  • Primary Care
  • Allied Health
Click here to view 2019 recipients of the Barry Kay awards.

Please click here to view abstracts presented at the BSACI 2019 Annual Conference

Members who wish to learn more about any of the awards listed above can do so by logging in here

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