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Clinical Immunologists in the UK see a large number of allergy patients and a published audit has shown that clinical immunologists throughout the UK contribute significantly to the unmet allergy needs highlighted by the Royal College of Physicians report ‘Allergy the Unmet Need’. In many UK cities, Clinical Immunologists take the leading role in running ‘allergy centres’ and providing specialist services including desensitisation.

However, Clinical Immunologists are required to divide their time between allergy, and immunodeficiency, autoimmunity/vasculitis. The idea of a Clinical Immunology sub-committee of the BSACI was initiated from discussions within the BSACI in 2006. The aim was to develop two way communication between Clinical Immunologists (and their nursing colleagues) and allergists.

Dr Joe Unsworth was the founding chair and the first meeting took place in January 2007. Three meetings annually are planned (1 full meeting and 2 telephone conferences). The committee focuses on allergy and the immunology/allergy interface. The members are involved in BSACI practice guidelines, registration / accreditation issues, laboratory isssues and help with the programme at the BSACI annual meetings.

The committee comprises Tomaz Garcez  (chair), Dr William Egner, Dr Shuayb Elkhalifa (trainee rep), Sofia Grigoriadou, Grant Hayman, Sarah Johnston, Yousuf Karim and Kiani Sorena”

The committee’s mission statement has recently been reviewed and updated, please click here to view.

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Why Clinical Immunologists should join the BSACI

The British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) is the National, Professional and Academic Society representing the specialty of Allergy at all levels. Clinical Immunologists provide a significant proportion of tertiary Allergy care throughout the United Kingdom, and our engagement with the BSACI is therefore important. 

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Allergy forms a large part of the clinical responsibilities of Immunologists, and therefore involvement in the National Society is vital in ensuring appropriate training of future Immunology consultants, and ensuring the highest level of tertiary Allergy care nationally.

 To read more about the relationship between Allergy and Immunology click here to read a report by a working group convened by the BSACI.

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