BSACI Council and Executive

Dr Adam Fox - BSACI President  (Trustee Director) 
Dr Sue Leech  - Treasurer   (Trustee Director)
Dr Nicola Brathwaite – Secretary  (Trustee Director)
Dr Shuaib Nasser – Past President (Trustee Director)

Dr Andrew Clark – Chair of BSACI Standards of Care Committee 
Professor Adnan Custovic - (Elected Member of Council)
Dr Sophie Farooque - (Elected Member of Council)
Dr Pamela Ewan - Allergy Services Lead and Co-Chair of the NASG
Dr Rubaiyat Haque - (Elected Member of Council)
Dr Elizabeth Griffiths - (Co-opted Member)  
Dr Natasha Gunawardana – Junior Members Representative 
Dr Helen Howells – Primary Care Committee Lead 
Dr Paul Turner - Chair of the Paediatric Committee
Ms Hannah Hunter – Representative of the FASG of the BDA (Co-opted position) 
Dr Judith Holloway - (Elected Member of Council)
Dr Mich Lajeunesse - (Elected Member of Council)
Mrs Lucy Common – Chair of the BSACI Nurses Committee
Dr Tom Marrs – Meetings Secretary 
Professor Graham Roberts - Editor Of Clinical Experimental Allergy 
Dr Tomaz Garcez – Chair of the Clinical Immunology Committee
Dr Andrew Whyte – Chair of the Adult Allergy Committee (Elected Member of Council) 
Dr Zaraquiza Zolkilpi - (Elected Member of Council)
Professor Helen Smith - BSACI Ethics Champion
Dr Michael Rudenko - EAACI Rep.

TBC – Editor of Allergy Update  



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