The Food Allergy Specialist Group (FASG) of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) was formed in 2002. One of its founders; Dr. Isabel Skypala was also a member of the BSACI Council until end of 2010. The Current Chair is Dr Rosan Meyer, pictured left.

The group has over 325 members which hold meetings once or twice a year, often jointly with other specialist groups of the British Dietetic Association. All members of the group are involved in the field of allergy; in addition to giving dietary advice to patients, members also play a role in diagnosis. Many of its members are also actively involved in research projects within food allergy, presenting in publications and at national and international allergy conferences. This work contributes significantly to the development of practical approaches to the diagnosis and management of food allergy. Members are also active in the BSACI, EAACI, AAAAI and INDANA and FASG members are chair of the Allied Healthcare Working Group, EAACI Executive Committee, INDANA chair for US and Europe.

FASG has experienced and dedicated dietitians on the committee and over the years the group have made significant progress with regards to sharing resources with other health care professionals and putting together position statements. Members debate issues and share allergy news, research, and educational events as well as allergy product information and queries about complex cases using an email network and through their meetings. 

The group established a food allergy module as part of the MSc in Allergy at Southampton University, which ran for the first time in April 2004 and is currently being led by Prof Syed Arshad and Dr. Kate Grimshaw. Since 2009, Imperial College also offers an MSc in Allergy, which is led by Dr. Isabel Skypala and Dr. Rosan Meyer and similar to the Southampton course, is open to dietitians as an ongoing stand-alone module. 

Overall the aim of the FASG is to maximize multi-disciplinary training opportunities, so all can share and learn from best allergy practice. The group is committed to promoting communication with others in order to strengthen links and further their understanding of food hypersensitivity. A more recent development instigated by members of FASG is the International Network for Diet And Nutrition in Allergy (more information can be found on 


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