Who are the BSACI?

The BSACI began life as a small interest group for allergists but we have grown to become a major force in medicine in the UK with over 800 members working across many medical specialities including allergy, immunology and paediatrics, ENT, dermatology and respiratory medicine.  

The BSACI's core aim is to improve allergy care and to do this provides allergy resources to its members, including clinical guidelines and organising educational meetings. A list of UK Allergy clinics is also available on the public area of the website. Our Annual Meeting is both a high quality meeting and a forum for discussion amongst the allergy interest groups and provides an informal networking opportunity where new friendships or working partnerships are formed and old ones renewed. We are a very friendly Society. Junior doctors training in allergy who become BSACI members can attend the four annual BSACI training days (which cover the whole curriculum over three years) free of charge. Members are also eligible to apply for a number of travel bursaries to attend allergy conferences. The members of the society are drawn from physicians, base and clinical scientists, nurses, dietitians and others with interest in the field. This is reflected in the society's sub-committees which are represented on Council, our governing body.

The Standards of Care Committee was set up in 2004 to provide guidelines in each area of clinical allergy. Guidelines on chronic urticaria and angioedema, rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis, immunotherapy for rhinitis, venom immunotherapy drug allergy and egg allergy amongst others are available on this website. Research is supported indirectly through promotion of high standards and offering platforms for scientific presentation and publication, and directly through substantial financial contributions to the Society's affiliated charity. Our journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy is a well-respected scientific publication and is available free to the majority of members. All UK members receive Allergy Update, a newsletter with Society news and views published twice a year.

The BSACI currently works with other allergy societies: the World Allergy Organisation (WAO), the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) and with patient charities such as Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Together we have been instrumental in lobbying for better provision of allergy care in an alliance called the National Allergy Strategy Group, along with patient charities and some pharmaceutical companies. Many of our members have given evidence at Government enquiries into allergy care. BSACI members have also represented the society on a number of allergy-related NICE guidelines. We are open to working alongside other groups and professional organisations who share the same values and have similar aims.

Presently the BSACI is making a special effort to inform and educate those working in primary care as they see the largest proportion of allergic disease, often with little previous training. With generous support from sponsors we have been able to fund or part-fund locally organised regional primary care allergy meetings where knowledge can be imparted and contacts formed with secondary care. Our evidence-based guidelines formulated for specialists by the Standards of Care Committee are being translated into versions useful in primary care with the help of our Primary Care Committee. Medical students also receive very little formal allergy training so we welcome students with an interest in the subject and encourage membership with heavily reduced student fees.   

Information leaflets have been generated on aspects such as milk allergy, latex allergy, house dust mite avoidance etc... These are available from the website for members to download and give out to patients.

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