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There have been several national guidelines developed on allergy in recent years. 

Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines on Emergency Management of Anaphylaxis 2008 

NICE guidelines and Quality Standards: 
Anaphylaxis (QS119) March 2016
Food allergy (QS118) March 2016
Drug allergy (QS97) July 2015 
Milk Allergy ( NICE CKS) December 2014

The iMAP Guideline (an International interpretation of Milk Allergy in Primary Care): 

The iMAP Guideline is an extension of the previous MAP guidelines which were produced. These are internationally agreed evidence-based guidelines specifically for the management of cow's milk allergy. It has been developed by an independent, multidisciplinary group of experts to provide clarity and support for GPs and their primary care teams.

The Guideline is available as an online resource and provides a practical step-by-step guide to aid with the initial recognition of cow's milk allergy, as well as a series of management algorithms. Please click on the following link to access the guideline and resources.

Drug allergy: diagnosis and management (CG183) September 2014
Anaphylaxis (CG 134) – December 2011
Food allergy in under 19s: assessment and diagnosis (CG116) February 2011

The RCPCH pathways cover all aspects of paediatric allergy management:
Care pathways for children with allergies.

The following care pathways for children with allergic conditions are available.


Asthma / rhinitis

Drug allergy


Food allergy

Latex allergy

Urticaria/mastocytosis /angio-oedema

Venom allergy


Information for families - series of leaflets and videos to help children and young people and their families understand what to expect when they get an allergy diagnosis.

Information for health professionals - tools to implement the allergy care pathways and educational materials.

There are also NICE approved guidelines developed by BSACI, please click here to access. 

Some of these guidelines have been summarised for primary care:

NICE Food Allergy 2011 – BJGP 

Management of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis: Primary Care summary of the BSACI guidelines

BSACI algorithm for the management of patients with rhinitis in Primary Care, please click here

Other useful guidance is shown below:

Nurses in Allergy Group: Protocol for Paediatric Skin Prick Testing compiled by Rosemary King (Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust) - reviewed by the Standards of Care Committee (SOCC)

Please click here to access the Primary Care page on the website where you will find useful information for primary care workers including information on allergy education, e-learning and links to articles on allergy written for primary care.

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