BSACI Training for Trainees

As part of their on-going training, allergy trainees are required to attend BSACI’s annual programme of four allergy workshops which cover aspects of the allergy curriculum and take place around the country at a variety of allergy centres.

Who else can attend?
Any BSACI member who is an allergy, immunology or paediatric trainee. Any other trainee who is not a BSACI member is required to pay £100 to attend each workshop.

Please note that these training days are not open to any other specialties.

Each trainee will be required to sit an exit examination in their penultimate year of training therefore attendance at the workshops is vital.

Allergy trainees will be notified directly by BSACI of the training days and asked to register, immunology & paediatric trainees will receive details directly from their trainee representatives. For further details and to register, please contact Marie Gibbs at or call 0207 501 3914

Allergy training workshops for trainees. Please click here for the full programme from February 2019 - November 2021

The next scheduled training days are shown below:-



Curriculum Area 

Facilitator(s)  Programme 

Due to COVID-19 this training day has been postponed until later in the year.


Epidemiology and new developments in Allergy
Psychology in Allergy

Dr S Marinho
Dr M Tsoumani

Immunology Teaching Sessions

The ACP and BSI Immunology Training Days are due to recommence. While on-site meetings are not feasible at the current time, teaching via webinars is planned as an interim measure. The training days are free to attend for individuals who are members of the BSI or ACP (or both). The days are open to clinical scientists and biomedical scientists who are planning on undertaking the FRCPath examination, and adult and paediatric medical trainees in allergy and immunology.  

For further details please contact    BSI membership is £75 per year, or £60 per year if you join for a longer duration.

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