Paediatric Allergy Groups

ANSWER - Allergy Nurse Specialists, Eastern Region

The Allergy Nurse Specialists within the Eastern Region, known as ANSWER is a group of adult and/or paediatric nurses that work within Allergy in primary and/or secondary care. 

The aim of the group is to network across the region to achieve excellence in clinical practice. The group provides a supportive network, that rotates the Chair to lead an agenda formulated in advance by its members. 

There are three meetings held each year on Thursdays from 11.00 to 15.00 hrs. Currently the group are undertaking a survey project looking at severe allergic reactions in conjunction with the Anaphylaxis Campaign. 

All nurses working in Allergy within the Eastern Region are welcome to join the group, if interested and wish to find out more please contact Jennifer Whisken on (01223) 348112 or email

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East Midlands Paediatric Allergy Group (EMPAG)

This is a multidisciplinary group of allergy related health professionals who have the common goal of improving children's allergy service provision in the East Midlands region including Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. 

The group was formed in February 2018 and we are planning to hold a meeting every 6 months. The aim is to develop some consistency in guidelines and to educate health professionals across all levels, in better recognition and management of allergic conditions in children.  

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PANEA - Paediatric Allergy Network of East Anglia

We have Quarterly allergy education afternoons at Addenbrookes Hospital allergy department, contact is Nurses and doctors interested in allergy welcome. 

We usually have some topic presentations and clinicians are welcome to bring challenging cases for review. Adult and paediatric included. 

We have PANEA, which is the Paediatric Allergy Network of East Anglia, meets every few months at Addenbrookes Hospital. Usually presentations on major topics and case reviews. Paediatrics only, allergy nurses and doctors welcome.

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Peninsula Paediatric Allergy Network

We aim to ensure we offer high quality, evidence based excellent care for all patients across our network, which covers the whole of the peninsula including Taunton, Exeter, Torbay, Barnstaple, Plymouth and Truro. 

  • We meet three monthly to encourage sharing of information and the writing of cohesive guidelines to standardise care across our geographical area. 
  • We share best practice, difficult cases, audit outcomes and aim to pool patients for research purposes. 
  • We encourage all clinicians and allied health professionals to attend the meetings and welcome people from other networks or areas. 
The network is convened by Dr Sian Ludman, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. For further information about the group or to join, please click on the link below.

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The East Anglia Paedaitric Network

The chair of East Anglia Paedaitric Network is Dr John Chapman at James Paget hospital in Great Yarmoth

His secretary is Ellen Whalley phone no is 01493453342.

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The London Paediatric Allergy Group(LPAG)

The group was formed in October 2003 as the London Paediatric Allergy Group is a multi-disciplinary network and includes doctors, nurses and dieticians interested in paediatric allergy.  We meet 2 times a year at the British In Vitro Diagnostic Association (address below).  

Our aim is to provide a forum to:    

(1) Share best practice in managing children with allergies 
(2) Discuss interesting cases 
(3) Review topical issues in allergy 
(4) Hear about research being undertaken in paediatric allergy. 

We aim to raise the profile of paediatric allergy and to help improve the service that is provided for children with allergies throughout the country. 
Our email discussion group has expanded to include members from beyond the London region, including the West Midlands Children's Allergy Group and other colleagues. 

To reflect the inter-regional membership of the expanded email discussion group, this has been renamed the British Paediatric Allergy Network. The BPAN is open to those working in paediatric allergy anywhere in the UK, or, in some cases, overseas if they have had and maintain a strong link with Paediatric Allergy in the UK. 

The current chairperson of the LPAG and moderator of the BPAN is Dr Diab Haddad. For further details regarding both The London Paediatric Allergy Group the British Paediatric Allergy Network, including for requests to join, please contact Dr Diab Haddad (

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The Midlands Paediatric Allergy Group (MPAG)

The details for the Midlands Paediatric Allergy Group (MPAG) are as follows: 

Meetings Secretary: Dr Nick Makwana 

Group Membership: Currently over 100 members affiliated to hospitals around the Midlands Region. 

Members include doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists. 

How often it meets - Meet twice yearly (Spring and Autumn Meeting) for educational meetings Venues -In rotation around hospitals in the Midlands region, 

What kinds of things get discussed-CPD topics related to allergy, areas of controversy, new developments, new horizons. Local and national speakers attend. Always have a session for members to bring difficult cases to discuss for wider input. RCPCH CPD points usually formally requested and given. 


12 centres across the Midlands took part in an audit of Egg Allergy management across the Midlands region. We hoped that as a large region across the midlands we might be able to get some insight into the ways in which egg allergy is managed between all of the various hospitals and units and to see if there is good correlation with the BSACI guidelines from 2010. 

The results of the audit can be seen by clicking here and as you can see there were some excellent areas of practice accross the region, for example 86% children with egg allergy were given written management plans and SPT was first line investigation in 90% of centres.  

Please take the time have a look at the presentation. If you have any questions regarding the audit results you can contact Donna Traves 

Who is welcome to attend the meetings -Anyone who is interested in paediatric allergy!

Presentations available to download:-

EAT (Take 2) Have LEAP and EAT really changed anything

Challenging and Difficult Cases

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The North West Paediatric Allergy Network - Sub Group

The North West of England is the third largest region and is home to nearly 7 million people, or one eighth of the UK population. There are 1.4 million children in the region and it is estimated that allergy affects at least a quarter of all children living in the North West. 

The North West Paediatric Allergy Network is subgroup of the North West Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infection Group (NW-PAIIG) Group, an aspiring ODN within NHS England. It combines the expertise of specialist paediatricians and nurses from centre's throughout the North West who specialise in allergy. 

We have two tertiary centres based at Alder-Hey Children's Hospital and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital from which outreach specialist paediatric allergy clinics are conducted in the Wirral, Wigan, Lancaster, Preston and Macclesfield. 

We also have strong links with colleagues at UHSM Allergy Centre in South Manchester. A patient group representative is also a member of our Network Steering Group. 

We meet formally four times a year under our established Terms of Reference to share our knowledge and expertise to ensure that children who are living with allergies in the North West are receiving the best available care. 

Our aim is to provide high quality and up to date knowledge and information to the children, families and carers of children living with allergies. We also work to provide a source of information and support to general practitioners, and healthcare workers who are involved with children with allergies further to this we run a programme of allergy study days throughout the region which are well attended and are becoming increasingly popular.

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The Northern Ireland Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Network (NIPRAN)

NIPRAN is a linked group of health professionals from secondary and tertiary care, working in a co-ordinated manner, unconstrained by existing professional and Trust boundaries, to support equitable provision of high quality clinically effective paediatric respiratory and allergy services to children residing in Northern Ireland. 

Chair: Professor Michael Shields
Secretary and Coordinator: Dr Jenny Hughes
Vice Chair: Dr Gary Doherty

Membership: Includes General Paediatricians, Paediatric Respiratory Physicians, Immunologists, Clinical nurse specialists and Dietitians, Respiratory Physiotherapists and Physiologists. All Northern Ireland Heath and Social Care Trusts are represented. Representatives from primary care hold an open invitation to the network meetings. Patient Representatives from the Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK are also members.

  • To develop and recommend appropriate patient pathways and referral protocols across the network, including access and delivery of clinical care that cross organisational boundaries.
  • To identify and most efficiently utilise resources for the delivery of paediatric respiratory and allergy services across organisational boundaries.
  • To develop and promote clear links between and within the network, including regional support for all clinical staff to include general consultant paediatricians and consultant paediatricians with a special interest in allergy or respiratory conditions. This support will include advice regarding inpatient management in patient’s own local hospital.
  • To establish mechanisms to support communication and collaboration between clinicians, commissioners and other care providers, particularly across existing organisational boundaries.
  • To coordinate a program of clinical audit related to respiratory and allergy services, including sharing of outcomes and developing action plans arising from audits and other relevant activity.
  • To disseminate examples of best practice and to promote the use of evidence-based guidelines as published by recognised national and international bodies.
  • To promote mutual professional support and continuing professional development in areas relevant to respiratory and allergy services and to organise a program of network meetings including attendance at national training/meetings.
  • To ensure public and patient involvement.

Meetings take place at least 4 times per year. The duration of the meeting is usually for 3 hours; with 2 hours devoted to clinical teaching and 1 hour for management.
Minutes of the meeting are recorded and circulated to members.

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The Northern Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG)

Northern Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG)

The NORTHERN Paediatric Allergy Group (NPAG) invites membership from all over the North East, Cumbria and areas above Harrogate. The group started in 2009 and includes membership from all secondary and tertiary paediatric allergy services in the North of England. The professionals interested in paediatric allergy meet every 3 months on a “roadshow” basis around North east, Northumbria and Cumbria regions.

The aims of the group include:

1.    To have an active allergy “network” within the region and beyond
2.    To have a unified approach in raising the profile of Paediatric 
       Allergy Services in the region
3.    To create uniformity of guidelines by reviewing the individual 
       and trust service working practice       
4.    To develop local guidelines alongside common evidence 
       based agreed guidelines and protocols
5.    To clarify the type of allergy work each centre will undertake and maintain expertise
6.    To provide allergy training and education to juniors doctors, general paediatricians, 
       allergists, dieticians and nurses
7.    To promote education CME in paediatric allergy through the allergy eModule, 
       conferences,topic presentations and case discussions  
8.    To promote research in the region and collaborate in phase I,II and III clinical trials

The NPAG group have an annual Education and research Conference day in February as is open to all who wish to attend. Abstracts, poster presentations and lectures are welcome from all regions and promote close collaboration with our neighbours in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Manchester and Scotland.

For further details please contact :

Chair           Dr Louise Michaelis, Consultant Paediatric Immunology and Allergy, 
     Great North Children’s Hospital,  Newcastle upon Tyne

Secretary     Devasmitha Venkataraman, Consultant Paediatrician at 
     South Tees Hospital NHS Trust 

Treasurer     Dr Punit Shah, Paediatric Consultant, University Hospital North Durham
Allied Health Mr James Gardner, Allergy Nurse Specialist,  
       Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne


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The Scottish Allergy Network

In Scotland we have the Children and Young People’s Allergy Network Scotland (CYANS), a national managed clinical network with representation from diverse professional groups and academics across Scotland, as well as patient groups including Asthma UK. 

Our website is

We have published Recommendations for Anaphylaxis Management for Children and Young People 2012,and CYANS Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in Children and Young People 2013 .

Steering group meets 4 times a year.

We hold an annual education day in Stirling that attracts over a 100 delegates. 

We participated in a Lunch event at this year’s Edinburgh Science Festival. 

Current projects, managed by a number of working groups, include:  

1. Publication of guidance (including patient information) on milk, egg and nut allergies. 
2. A database of anaphylaxis cases. 
3. Website aimed at providing information to patients and families. 
4. Piloting an allergy education package aimed at primary care, with both online and face to face components.
5. Transition pathway 
6. Referral to secondary care pathway

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The South Wales and West Allergy Paediatric Group

We meet about 6 monthly from around 4 to 7pm  

It includes cases and guest presentations. 

The venue tends to alternate between Bristol and Cardiff. 

We invite all members of the allergy care team; nurses, pharmacists, dietitians and doctors.

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The Surrey & Sussex Paediatric Allergy Group: SSPAG

The Surrey & Sussex Paediatric Allergy Group. SSPAG is a multi-disciplinary group of doctors, nurses and dieticians interested in paediatric allergy. 

Formed in 2010, Our aim is to provide a forum to: 

(1) Share best practices in the management of children with allergies 

(2) Discuss interesting cases 

(3) Highlight & discuss new developments in the field of allergy

 (4) Develop evidence based guidelines & protocols. 

We also aim to raise the profile of paediatric allergy and help improve the services provided to children with allergies. 

Our group and web-based discussion forum are open to those who are interested in paediatric allergy and who are working in this part of the country. The group chair & moderator is Dr Diab Haddad (

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The Three Counties Allergy Group Meeting (TCAG)

Currently over 25 members affiliated to hospitals around the Three Counties Region (Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire). 

Members include doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, researchers from both adult and paediatric background including ENT, Opthalmology, Dermatology, and General Practice. 

Meet twice yearly (Spring and Autumn Meeting) for educational meetings. Guest lecture by local and national speakers attend followed by an informal meal with discussion and networking.CPD topics relate to allergy, areas of controversy, new developments, new horizons. A session for difficult/interesting cases to discuss is also available.

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The Wessex & South West Wales Paediatric Allergy Group

As Bath lies on the edge of two regional groups we get involved in both the Wessex paediatric allergy group (based in southampton) and the South West and Wales paediatric allergy groups (based from Bristol and Cardiff jointly).

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The Wessex Allergy Network

We have a Wessex Allergy Network; myself and Mich Lajeunesse are convenors. Mich has organised regular meeting focussed on developing local guidelines and I organised an educational type meeting one a year.

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The Wessex Allergy Network - Winchester

In Winchester we are part of the Wessex Allergy Network which meets every 4 months, Gradually we are developing regional guidelines. 

Locally we hold a weekly "one stop" allergy clinic, staffed by 2 consultant paediatricians and an associate specialist all with a special interest in allergy. There is a nurse specialist and dietitian present. 

In the clinic we offer medical and dietitian consultations, skin prick testing, IgE, specific IgE and component testing. Training in management of anaphylaxis, including the use of adrenaline auto injectors. also takes place in the one stop clinic. Everyone prescribed an adrenaline autoinjector is offered an annual review-this may be in a nurse specialist clinic. Open oral food challenges are offered as a separate day case appointment. 

In addition, we offer a free half day session twice yearly to anyone who wants training in anaphylaxis. This is usually attended by nursery staff, nannies, teachers, school secretaries etc and is very popular. 

We have published some research -Johnson et al; Practice in the use of adrenaline autoinjectors (PAI 2011). In collaboration with Southampton we developed guidelines for the local manangement of non-IgE CMPA in primary care, which are published on "Map of Medicine".

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The Yorkshire & Humber Regional Allergy Group

The group consists of Paediatricians with interest in allergy, Paediatric allergists, Allergy specialist nurses & Dieticians

Dr Nicola Jay co-ordinates the Yorkshire & Humber regional allergy group meetings twice a year

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University of Edinburgh’s Allergy and Respiratory Research Group (AARG)

The University of Edinburgh’s Allergy and Respiratory Research Group (AARG) was established in 2005 by Professor Aziz Sheikh. 

We are a multidisciplinary group of academics and clinicians, who together manage a range of clinical, epidemiological and basic science research projects based in Edinburgh and beyond. 

Professors Jurgen Schwarze leads the paediatric allergy services at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and he is supported in this role by Aziz Sheikh and Ms Susan Brown. 

Jurgen Schwarze also leads the Children’s and Young People’s Allergy Network Scotland (CYANS; 

Aziz Sheikh and Jurgen Schwarze co-lead the Scottish Allergy and Respiratory Academy (SARA;, which is responsible for running regular postgraduate training courses for clinicians across Scotland. 

The AARG also host the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research(,
 a virtual centre that brings together 13 universities from across the UK to drive forward collaborative applied asthma research. 

 New members – both clinical and academic – are always welcome and can in the first instance contact Dr Lynn Morrice, the AARG Manager:

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